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Use artificial neural networks to predict stock prices and their trends

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More than 80% of our recommendations led to the successful trades



Deep Learning

Predictions are performed by the state-of-art neural networks models

Signals and alerts

Buy/Sell signals based on the predictions and current prices.
Get notifications when it is time to trade.

Stocks screener

Find best stocks with maximum PnL, minimum volatility or highest forecasting accuracy

Portfolio management
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Construct your portfolio based to reduce risk and maximize profit

Corporate events and news
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Take into account corporate events and market news

How to trade with in 4 steps

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Browse through chosen stocks, study predictions generated for the next 5 trading days.
Follow buy/sell short signals that system generates, or develop your own strategy based on the system predictions.

Close deals

Follow new daily predictions in the upcoming days. Choose the right moment to close your deals.

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