Trading bot results YTD

Posted by Dmitry Lukovkin on Sept. 5, 2017

Last November we've launched our fully automated trading bot on the Interactive Brokers paper account. This bot uses the same recommendations and predictions that are being published on for our subscribers.

Before the start of the trades, it gets recommendations, filters by top % of successful deals, defines an amount of position on each instrument and creates orders. It also tracks exit signals.

Naturally, we're tracking the performance of our bot. Now we publish YTD results in comparison with the performance of well-known S&P500 Index ETF - SPY.

Bot: 14.50% YTD

SPY: 11.42% YTD.

Here is the screenshot from the IB's activity report:

Trading Bot results 2017-09-05

Commissions are accounted for.

So, our little Deep Learning powered trading bot beats S&P500 Index ETF so far!

More to come!

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