We have started accepting payments in Bitcoin

Posted by Dmitry Lukovkin on Nov. 25, 2017

Crypto is here to stay as we think. So we thought it will be a good idea to start accepting subscription payments in Bitcoin (BTC).

Starting from now, you can buy an annual subscription to StocksNeural.net for BTC. As soon as Bitcoin payments could be only pushed, not pulled (only you can initiate the payment), there is no way to make a payment scheduled and recurrent, so we do not have BTC payment option for monthly payments and your subscription will start right after your payment.

So, in order to pay with BTC, click the 'Pay With Bitcoin' button on the subscription form.

Pay with BTC

Cost of the annual subscription is nominated in USD and will be converted to the amount in BTC using current BTC/USD conversion rate.

Then you will be redirected to the page with the payment information on the side of our Bitcoin payment processing engine, mycelium Gear. There you will find an exact amount of BTC to send and an address to send the requested funds to. You will have 30 minutes to complete the transaction.

BTC payment page

The payment page will update the payment status as soon as the transaction is broadcasted.

If you have paid a full and exact amount, you will be redirected back to StocksNeural.net, and your subscription will start.

If you have paid more than a required amount, your subscription will start also, but you should contact us in order to send you back an excessive amount (minus transaction fees).

If you have underpaid, then your purchase will not be completed and you should contact us in order to send you back your payment (minus transaction fees).

There is a strict no refund policy for the subscriptions purchased using BTC.

We hope that you will like this new payment option!

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